From Farm to Finish Line

Get up to speed about the safety and sustainability of the food you feed your family.

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BRANDT, the USFRA and WinField have teamed up to celebrate American agriculture and to
start important conversations between our nation's food producers and consumers.

Let's Talk Farming

Farmers and ranchers care as much about food safety and sustainability as you do.

Advances in farm facilities and farming practices ensure the quality of the produce and meat that make it to your family's
plates. That matters because food is fuel. And quality fuel can improve results - at the dinner table and around the track.

See everything farmers and ranchers are doing to ensure your food's safety.

Food Safety Resources 

Learn more about sustainable farming practices - directly from farmers.

Sustainability Resources 

Day On A Farm Video Series

A Day on a Produce Farm

Terranova Ranch in California's San Joaquin Valley is always taking steps to conserve water and energy and to reduce their overall environmental footprint.

A Day on a Pig Farm

Farmers from Iowa and Illinois reveal everything that goes into caring for pigs —starting on day one. Why all the hard work? To raise a healthy, nutritious meat.

A Day on a Corn and Soybean Farm

Fifth-generation farmer Chuck Myers offers a personal tour of his family's 1,800-acre corn and soybean operation, explaining how no-till and other advances conserve fuel, time and energy.

Let's Talk Food

Food brings families together in more ways than you may realize.

Farming and ranching, like racing, are all about family and tradition. According to the USDA 2012 Census of Agriculture, 97% of farms are family farms. One farm family tradition that’s always worth considering is doing more with less.

Efficiently, effectively managing resources, harnessing natural processes and reducing waste have always defined what it means to be successful farmers and ranchers. Agricultural producers are constantly innovating new ways to increase their yields. Their increased yields mean decreased food prices for your family.

Talk about a reason to cheer!

About Our Sponsors

This initiative is a real team effort. We’ve come together to have a conversation about farming and the food that
makes family dinner time possible.